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Mission Statement 

I Progress Basketball Training is a basketball player development program that services youth to professional athletes and helps expand their skill set to new heights. Our system of development is designed to progressively guide any player at any position with their skills and IQ in the sport of Basketball. 

About Us

Program History & Goals 

Established in 2016, I Progress Basketball was founded by Brandon Thomas. For the last eight years, I Progress Basketball Training has served countless of players and programs all around the Bay Area. I Progress Basketball continues to assist and impact players of all ages and skill levels. Our team of coaches guarantee that each athlete who steps foot in our gym will feel the presence of positivity, belief in getting better at learning and improving their skill sets and understanding how to play the game of basketball. 

Our goal is to teach our players to "Be Systematic, Be Progressive & Be Organized" in everything they do on and off the court. The model our program follows is "How you do anything is how you do EVERYTHING." 

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